The Tears of Every Other Weekend

By far the absolute worst part of being separated or divorced is having to share your children.  That is also the reason why I believe, many couples decide to stay together, rather than go through that painful process. Watching your entire world drive off, while you stand and wave like a penguin from the Madagascar … Continue reading The Tears of Every Other Weekend

The Pain of Divorce

I recently went through a separation and finally a divorce and the pain and heartache that comes with this journey is something no one can prepare you for. For many years we’ve been trying to “fix” our marriage, without success.  We’ve considered divorce before, but neither of us was willing to share our young son with … Continue reading The Pain of Divorce

Fire in my Soul

Have you ever missed somebody so much that it physically hurts? I've recently started to experience that, and I find it most uncomfortable. Now I'm not talking about when a loved one goes on a long distance trip and you'll be apart for a period of time. No, I'm talking about seeing that person drive … Continue reading Fire in my Soul

Steak or Breastmilk?

Public breastfeeding has become quite a hefty subject lately with opinions on both ends pushing well into the extreme. While some feel that breastfeeding should be done in private, others think nothing of whipping the breast out whenever and wherever their baby demands it. This has understandably become a very tender, debatable topic. I, for … Continue reading Steak or Breastmilk?

Who’s house is it anyway?

Having someone other than yourself, clean and do work in and around your house, is like getting married all over again. You have to trust that person to respect your belongings and the space you live in, even when you're not around to keep a watchful eye. We're talking Domestic Workers, Cleaning staff, Nannies or … Continue reading Who’s house is it anyway?